FAQ | Vesta


1. Got a question?

We’ve answered the questions we hear most often below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

2. Why choose Vesta?

Are you sick of poor standards and poor service from your landlord? If so, Vesta is what you’re looking for. Service is From speedy maintenance and sorting your laundry to taking care of your parcels via our concierge team, our benefits are unrivalled in Dublin. No fuss, no faff and next level service.

3. How many locations do you have?

At the present time, we have just launched our first building in Ireland – One Three North, located at Clongriffin in Dublin 13. We have several other buildings in design at the moment, and aim to have 2 additional locations opened within the next 24 months.

4. What amenities are available in a Vesta building?

Each location will be different, but at Vesta you have access to:
  • Beautifully designed furnished apartments
  • On-site community team and overnight security
  • Community Hub with:
    • Onsite gym with high quality equipment
    • Yoga and spin studios
    • Lounge & breakfast area
    • A cinema equipped with a 4K projector and Dolby Atmos
    • 20 seat Community Kitchen available to residents for parties
    • Hot-desking area
    • Meeting room
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the building (with private networks for each apartment)
  • Parcel receiving 7am-7pm
  • Pet friendly apartments*
  • Laundry pick-up/drop-off service on site
  • Log maintenance issues via our app with rapid response
  • Regular resident events hosted at the Community Hub

5. Is there car parking available?

Yes, all our locations will have car parking. The number of spaces will depend on the type and size of apartment you would like to live in.

6. How do you handle privacy?

We take your privacy seriously.

Any information you submit to Vesta is handled in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found at https://www.vestaliving.ie/privacy

The information you provide to us during the application process is not shared with any third parties and we will never sell your data to anyone.

We delete your data once your relationship with us ends. For more information on your rights, including under the GDPR, please see our privacy policy.

7. Okay okay I want in, what do I do now?

That’s the best bit. You can sign up to live at Vesta in a few clicks. Sign your lease online and you’ll receive a key pushed to your mobile phone. Hold your phone to the door lock and it will open. That’s it! Inside you’ll find your welcome pack which will contain physical keycards and some other goodies.

8. Move in without viewing? That sounds risky!

No worries! We think you’ll love the apartment, but if you don’t, just tell us within the first 7 days after you move in and you can move out at the end of the first month without losing your deposit (assuming there is no wear and tear). Don’t forget, there are pictures and individual floor plans online to help you make your decision.

9. How long can I move in for?

That’s up to you! The standard lease is for 12 months but we’re here for the long term so if you’d like to stay long term, that would be just peachy!

10. What TV/internet is available?

Wi-Fi and HDTV (including Sky Sports) is free for the duration of your stay.
The Wi-Fi is provided by Virgin, and you’ll have your own private network within your apartment.
Its super-fast and has guaranteed up-time, so it should always be available.

11. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

All Vesta buildings are A-rated for energy, so they use the least amount of energy possible.
There are solar panels on the roof to help generate electricity and our new buildings do not use any fossil fuels for energy which further reduces our carbon footprint.
Individual apartments are heated using electric fan heaters and air-source heat pumps, which is extremely energy efficient.
Lastly, the electricity provider certifies that the energy supplied to our buildings is 100% renewable.

12. Do the apartments come furnished?

Yes! All apartments at Vesta are fully furnished with top quality furniture.
We’ve put a special emphasis on the beds, the mattresses are constructed using a combination of pocket springs and a memory foam layer so you should get a seriously good sleep.

13. Can I have some of the furniture removed?

You are free to remove any furniture items that you wish. However, these must be stored securely offsite at your own expense and returned to the apartment when you leave. All we ask is that you return the apartment to the condition you received it.

14. How does the Smart Energy Meter work?

Its simple! You can monitor your usage through a small device in the apartment telling you how much power you are using in real time. The apartments are all designed to be super energy efficient and are all BER A rated, so your energy costs should be very affordable. You can set up your meter to auto-top up with a small amount of money so that you always know what your costs are and don't get any nasty surprises at month end.

15. What about move in dates? When can I move in?

The first apartments will be ready February 18th, 2020 - these homes are currently available for booking via our site. Additional homes will be available for move-in during March, April and May 2020, these apartments will be added to the site and made available for booking over the next several weeks.

16. Do you allow pets?

We love pets! Small dogs and cats are very welcome but must obey the House Rules (explaining the rules to them is up to you though!).

Unlike other landlords, we won’t charge you fees just for having a pet, however, to take account of allergies, there are some restrictions on where pets can go in the building and there is also an additional one time cleaning fee that is payable at the end of your stay to ensure there are no remaining allergens.

Please also note that you will be responsible for any damage your pet does, so please bear that in mind.

Unfortunately for the moment we are unable to accommodate some reptiles, snakes and arachnids.

You can read and sign the pet policy by following this link:


17. When is the rent due?

Rents are payable in advance, on the first day of the month. Deposits are due 2 weeks prior to the start date on your lease.

18. What are the income requirements?

Generally, applicants need to demonstrate that they can pay the rent by using no more than 40% of their net income.

For an example, if the rent is €1,550 per month then we would expect that the net income of the applicant(s) is €3,875 per month. This can be spread across the household, so if there are two persons sharing who have a total monthly net income (after tax) of €1,937 each. This is to ensure that applicants are able to meet the rent while still having enough income to cover the rest of life's expenses.

Please note this is a rule of thumb. There are many factors taken into account when making decisions on applications and other sources of income can also be taken into consideration, such as Housing Assistance Payment (HAP), Savings, Corporate housing allowances etc.

Meeting the income requirements does not guarantee an application will be successful. All applications are background and reference checked also.

If you have a query on any of the criteria for a successful application please email us at support@vestaliving.ie

19. What's up with Vesta Suites?

Suites is sharing, with a difference.

We have many people contact us looking for 1 bedroom apartments.  There were some, but not many and they all sold out pretty quickly.  

We know that many people looking for 1 beds are new to the area, or even to the country, so we created Vesta Suites to help.

Vesta Suites are based in our largest apartments, where we will rent you a bedroom + bathroom, as long as you are happy to share the rest of the apartment with someone else.  There are gender specific and mixed options, and two types of apartment; those with a home office and those without.

Prices start at €999 per month, which includes internet and TV as well as access to the facilities in the building.  The best bit? You can move in one room at a time.  Don't have a friend? We'll find you one, and if we don't, you don't pay any extra rent.


Sharing with a stranger might not suit everyone, however, all residents at Vesta have been vetted.  If you are approved, you will know that we require Government issued ID, and we conduct employment checks, past landlord reference checks and review the RTB dispute database.  In addition, when signing the lease you and your roommate will also need to sign the sharing charter which governs what's expected in a sharing environment.

Already have a friend? Great!

If you and a friend want to share a suite together that's great! Just contact us at support@vestaliving.ie and we'll organise it for you.


We can't guarantee your new room mate will be your best friend, but if you move in and really aren't getting along we can move you to another suite, with no penalty.  If we can't find you another Suite, we allow the lease to be broken without penalty.  We will do everything we can to mediate in the event of disputes, as we believe almost everyone is reasonable and has the same aim which is to have a happy home.